Dec 2014 NCUPS Board Meeting Minutes



Minutes of Board Meeting


Tuesday, December 9, 2014


7:00 p.m. at Round Table Pizza


61 43rd Avenue, San Mateo, California



ATTENDEES:                     Brad Brown, Susan Brown, Sue Estey, John Fifer, Jim Kaller, Helga Mahlmann, Russ Murdoch, Lanette Otvos, Linda Reisinger, and Robbie Turner.




Minutes:             The Board reviewed and approved the minutes of the October 2014 Board meeting.  (There was no Board meeting in the month of November due to NCUPS participation at DEMA during the same week when the Board meeting would normally occur.)



Report:               The Board reviewed and approved the November 2014 financial report.


Meetings:           Future confirmed programs:


December:         Holiday Party

January:             Scott Gietler

February:           Ethan Daniels

March:                Nadia Aly of


The Board discussed a number of different possibilities for other 2015 programs.


Membership:    2015 dues bills will be mailed to members this month. Attendance at monthly meetings in 2014 averaged 37 persons.


Webmaster:      The Board discussed a number of possible changes, upgrades and updates to the NCUPS website, including: updating the sponsors list, putting the monthly Board meetings in the calendar section, updating Board member contact information, and possibly organizing the monthly mini-comp entries on-line.




Club Dive:          Scheduled for Saturday, January 3, 2015 at Monterey Breakwater. There is a possibility of a bonfire that evening at Asilomar Beach.



DEMA:                We obtained 4 new sponsorships at the event in addition to renewals from most of our existing sponsors.  Attendance at the Las Vegas show appeared to be slightly lower than previous years.


Holiday Party:     The 2014 Holiday Party will be held on Friday, December 12 at the United Methodist Church in Millbrae.  We will award “mini-comp photographer of the year” and will have a vote on “photo of the year” from among the mini-comp winners. A proposal was discussed to possibly hold the holiday party at another location than the church (such as a restaurant) in 2015.


Sea Contest:      Brad Brown and John Fifer will let the Board know what deadline they establish for the 2015 Sea competition. Entries will probably be due in May or June.



Shootout:           The Board discussed several possible scenarios for the Monterey Shootout in the future, including having Backscatter organize the film festival and NCUPS organize the competition, or perhaps having a film festival with seminars but no competition attached.  A final decision about the future of the event will be made within the next few months.





Mini Comp

Subjects:             We need to choose monthly mini-comp subjects for next year’s meetings. The Board agreed that the subject for January would be nudibranchs.


Elections:           NCUPS still needs to hold elections for officers and directors for 2015.  The Board agreed that members should be given one week notice to nominate anyone for officers and directors (including at-large directors), after which a ballot will be e-mailed to all members.