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President: John FiferSEA International Coordinators: Ken Hares and Joe Arnett
The president presides over Board of Directors meetings and club meetings. The President also represents the club in relations with the public, administers email communications with club members, and works with club members to implement club activities.The SEA international Coordinator organizes and coordinates the annual club photo contest. This involves advertising the event, producing the information materials for participants, receipt of entries, securing judges for the contest, selecting a venue, organizing the image selection, judging and winner presentation.
Vice President: Michael WallMonterey Shootout Coordinator: Robbie Turner, Susan Brown, Berkley White
The Vice President presides over the Board of Directors and Club meetings when the President is absent. The VP also arranges the speakers for club meetings. The VP is responsible for working with the equipment manager to ensure that the appropriate equipment is available for our speaker presentations. The VP also works with club members to implement club activities.Organizes the Monterey Shootout Competition held annually in Monterey. This involves advertising the event, producing the information materials for participants, receipt of entries, organizing the Monterey Underwater Film Festival on Saturday night, and organizing the educational seminars, imaging selections, and judging/winner presentation on Sunday.
Treasurer: Helga MahlmannMerchandising Coordinator: Lanette Otvos
The Treasurer collects dues, presents a financial report at each Board meeting showing income, expenditures, and cash on hand. The Treasurer is also responsible for preparing a club budget and budgets for club activities when needed. The Treasurer pays club debts as directed by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer is also responsible for submitting a financial report at the end of each calendar year, filing all tax returns, and maintaining signed liability waivers for club events.The Mechanidising Coordinator is responsible for ordering, maintaining, and replenishing a supply of club merchandise (t-shirts, patches, pins, hats). The Merchandising Coordinator maintains records of sales/receipts, and reports sales to the treasurer. As necessary, the Merchandising Coordinator works with the President to acquire gift items. The Merchandising Coordinator works with Board of Directors to gain approval of purchases for new supplies.
Secretary: James KallerNewsletter Editor: Open
The Secretary is responsible recording and preserving the minutes of the Board of Directory meetings and those club meetings where decisions or elections occur. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining a club history file and coordinating communications with other organizations.The Newsletter Editor is responsible for gathering articles and content from contributors, assembling, laying out, inserting ads, editing and proofreading the newsletter. The Editor is also responsible for making up a list of the hardcopy recipients, printing, generating mail labels, stamping and mailing the newsletter. The Editor uploads the electronic copy to the NCUPS web site and sends out the announcement to the NCUPS Newsletter Yahoo list.
Membership Director: Lanette OtvosWebmaster: Brad Brown
The Membership Coordinator maintains the membership roster and nametags showing members in good standing. The Membership Coordinator is responsible for promoting the benefits of new membership in order to attract new members. Coordinator is responsible for distributing new member cards and packets, notifying the members and collecting annual membership renewal monies; write monthly newsletter announcements and reminders, as well as sustaining the release of liability forms.
The webmaster has overall responsibility for maintaining the website. The webmaster is the primary contact person for receiving content from members, translating the content, graphics and photos into HTML, and updating the site. The webmaster is responsible for interacting with the ISP of the web site. The webmaster is responsible for updating server content, securely maintaining access passwords, administering email accounts, and renewing the domain.
Equipment Manager: OpenSocial Networking Administrator: Charlie Eng
The equipment manager maintains control of club property. The equipment manager is also responsible for transporting club audio and visual equipment to and from meetings and supervises equipment setup at the meeting.Responsible for maintaining Facebook, and Meetup. This involves monitoring the groups, approving posts when necessary, and deleting/inviting members and non-members as needed.
Marketing Director: Open
Organizes club presence at annual DEMA trade show. Recruits and maintains relationship with club sponsors. Responsible for the marketing and advertising plan for the club.