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Northern California Underwater Photographic Society
P.O. Box 1168
Alameda, CA 94501-0121


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  1. Hallo,I would like to participate in contest with my underwaterphoto’s but I don’t find any information about adition 2014. Could you send my some information please. Beata

  2. I need to contact the website admin which if I remember correctly is Brad Brown. I have an ad in the classifieds and need to up date it but need an ad access key.

    If he could send that to my email I would appreciate it.


    Larry Garvey

  3. Brad,

    The instructions for Sea2014 naming of images says to use all lower case. However, where it gives the codes for category it says ” CA=California” (not ca). Should the name be CA or ca?

    • Hi Nancy,
      Good catch. I had not noticed this discrepancy. This might explain why sometimes we see MA or CA and other times we see ma and ca in the image titles.
      SEA judges would never disqualify an image based in upper/lower case issues. It would be hassle for me (the SEA coordinator) or the judges if the entrant omitted the category altogether though. The entrant name is the most important part of the file name as it is how we link the entries to the entry forms.

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