Minicomps 2016


At the monthly NCUPS membership meetings a still photography minicomp is held. Video minicomps are held quarterly. Members bring in a digital image/video on the subject of the month, the submitted media is judged by the audience and a check is awarded to the 1st place winner. All images must have been taken by a NCUPS member underwater. Photographs/Images entered may not have won anything whatsoever anywhere. The minicomp may be canceled or postponed if the featured presentation runs long, at the discretion of the board.

Often our favorite or best remembered dives are dives where an otter, sea lion, dolpin or whale visited us. Show off your favorite Underwater mammal shot.
1st Joel Penner
FebruaryThe color red
The color red symbolizes romance and love, but it often is a much dredded color to photograph given our cameras are thrown off by this strong color and prone to over saturation in this color channel
1st Patti Baugh
2nd Chris Simmons, Jen Penner
MarchSplit Shots
A half-underwater half-abovewater shot, or a "split shot" is a photo where the image is divided by the surface of the water. These shots can be tricky, because positioning a camera so the surface of the lens is half in, half out of the water depends on how calm the water is. Use the live view in your viewfinder to make sure you've got the shot, and be prepared to take a lot of pictures to get it right. If you're shooting manually, choose a small aperture so you can get the most depth of field. If you are focusing manually, focus on the "above-the-surface" subject, and let the underwater half focus fall where it may.
No Contest
AprilUp Shots and/or Reflections
Some subjects look totally different when shot up from below the surface. Choose an upward angle forcusing on the reflections off the surface of the water, and play with the angle of the sunlight. From above, these subjects probably look plain and uninteresting, but from below, the image is guaranteed to be much more compelling.
No Meeting
MayBreak on Through
Another variation when shooting up towards the water's surface is to have your portrait subject stick his/her head partly in the water. In this case, it will create an alternate-universe image. Hold the camera less than a foot below the surface of the water and set it to a relatively large aperture for more selective focus...or, is the head sticking out from below the water's surface and the image is upside down? Either way, it works!
1st Robert Yee
2nd Mark Krag
JuneAmbient Light
No strobes allowed this month! It is possible to photograph underwater using natural sunlight as your only light source. Check out Ethan Daniels work to be inspired for this month's minicomp.
No Contest
JulyFun in the Sun and Shallows
mages shot in calm, relatively shallow water will show the interplay of the sun, the ripples of the waves, and the projected light on the sand for a pleasing near-abstract photo.
1st John Trone
2nd Paul Rosenblum
3rd Ken Hares
Bubbles are a great way to create interest in a photo, and also a fun excuse to splash water in your friend’s face.
Experiment with hard plastic straws or water guns, or befriend a sea lion, they just love to blow bubbles in divers' faces!
1st Robert Yee
2nd John Thackera
3rd Lisa Perla
SeptemberCreative Schools
Full creative editing allowed for this month! Dust off your photoshop creative editing skills using a photo which features schools of fish as the kids head back to school this month.
1st Paul Rosenblum
2nd Dan Hess
3rd Lisa Perla
OctoberCreepy Shadows
Shadows make a photo more interesting but they can also help create a mood too. Shoot your subjects this monith with heavy, creppy, scary shadows in honor of Halloween!
1st Dan Hess
2nd Paul Rosenblum
3rd Lisa Perla
Show us your best Kelp shot!
1st Ken Hares
2nd Laura Oheir
3rd Lisa Perla
DecemberMinicomp of the Year!
All first place photos from our Mini-comps that year.
Photographer of the Year: Robert Yee
Photo of the Year: Paul Rosenblum

NCUPS  Minicomp  Rules

The minicomp is intended to be a fun competition that encourages all NCUPS members to participate and have their work judged at the pleasure of the audience.

*Only paid-up NCUPS members may enter the monthly contest and must be present to enter their image and win*

All images must have been taken by a NCUPS member underwater and photographs/images entered may not have won anything whatsoever anywhere.

File Naming:

– Files can be named whatever you like.  Since file names are displayed in Lightroom at the meeting, in the interest of secret balloting, please do not put your name in the filename.

– It will be helpful if you put your name in the Creator field of the metadata.  Most cameras can be setup to do this automatically, or can be added later with Lightroom or other software (this is a good principle in general for your own work).  When exporting photo, please include metadata.

Photo Preparation:

– File should be full resolution, full quality, JPEG submitted on a Windows-readable thumb drive (Fat32 or NTFS). HFS+ formatted thumb drives cannot be read by the club’s Windows PC. Most thumb drives are formatted FAT32 by the manufacturer and are therefore Mac and Windows compatible.

– Entries must be shot underwater by the entrant except when the category is for over/under or creative.

– Any image may be manipulated electronically or in the darkroom to improve its photographic qualities.

– Moving and adding photographic elements is not allowed except when the category is creative.

Photo Submission:

–  Only one photo per entrant per month.

–  Entrants must log their entry on an entrant list at the time of submission.

–  Submissions are allowed before the meeting and during the break.


– Will be done at the end of the meeting and counted by 2 official counters and records kept and tallied throughout the year.

– Anyone in the room may vote.

Point Distribution:

– The more you enter, the more points you will accumulate throughout the year.

First place: 9 points.

Second place: 5 points.

Third place: 3 points.

Entering: 1 point.

– In the event of a tie for first place:

– each tying entry shall receive first place points.

– If there are two entries tied for first place, only second place will be awarded and no third place shall be awarded.

– If there are three or more entries tied for first place, neither second nor third place shall be awarded.

– In the event of a tie for second place:

– each tying entry shall receive second

place points.

– no third place shall be awarded.



– The first place winner of each monthly    minicomp will receive a $30 prize.

– Winner must be present to win.

Photo of the Year:

– This photo is voted on at the end of the year at the holiday party from the 11 first places from the minicomps of that year and those present that night.

– The entrants need not be present at the holiday party to win.

Minicomp Photographer of the Year:

– This is awarded to the member who has consistently done the best, as determined by the predetermined points system.

– The more you enter throughout the year, the more chances you have to win.

– The entrants need not be present at the holiday party to win.