2017 Monterey Shootout Day in the Life

2017 Monterey Shootout Results are up!


Monthy Meeting September 8th, 2017 – 7PM: Paul Rosenblum presents Indonesia


Paul: Four years ago I took my first trip to Indonesia.  It was also my first “real” photo trip.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’d had a camera in the water for years at that point.  I’d shot disposable film cameras in Hawaii.  I’d worked my way up through point and shoots, prosumer cameras and all the way to a Nikon D300. But I hadn’t really learned.

So, wow, that first trip to Lembeh was literally eye opening. The subject matter was incredible.  And I was there for a workshop with Alex Mustard. It was like the lights got turned on.

So, a trip to Lembeh that fall and then back to Indonesia to see Raja Ampat the next spring.  Then last summer I spent a month in Indonesia, first Raja Ampat again and then almost 3 weeks in Lembeh Strait. Come see how I filled up all my memory cards. And hear how great those workshops are.  Hey, I’m looking for a room mate…




Round Table Pizza (Bel-Mateo)
61 W 43rd Ave
San Mateo, CA
Doors open at 7PM
Talk at 7:30
September Minicomp: Stop being so shellfish!
If you’re a little crabby about this month’s minicomp theme, talk to our small clams department.