Friday, July 10th, 8pm: Mike Boom – Cozumel, Beyond the Crowds


Pre-Meeting: Mike will be doing a pre-meeting on Color Grading for Underwater Videographers. Very few underwater video clips look their best on the screen without some color tweaking beforehand. Mike will show how to use a video editor’s color correction tools to wash out the blue (or red!) from unbalanced clips, to clear up murky water, to help match clips shot in different light, and to make your clips look like they have the colors you remember from your dive. He’ll demonstrate tools in Adobe Premiere Pro using techniques that translate to any video editor with color correction tools.

Main Meeting: Join Mike Boom as he shows how to ditch the crowds and find luminous schools of fish on Crayola-bright reefs, tiny and brilliant shrimp in anemones, ravenous turtles, truculent dragonets, and a peek at the secret life of angelfish. Mike will also show a video short about unexpected carnage in Pacific coral reefs.


Minicomp: Eyes
My, what interesting eyes you have