SEA 2015 Contest Deadline November 30, 2015. Enter Here.

Monthly Meeting Friday, November 13th, 8pm: Ken Hares – Around the World in 80 Dives


Ken’s Description:

After numerous years shooting underwater video and stills, like all of us, I accumulated many images and video clips. I asked myself, “What do I do with all this stuff?”

I determined I needed to put “this stuff” in a logical format that my friends and family could look at with little or no effort on their part.

So I came up with the idea of a world tour using but modifying the well-known title of Around the World in 80 Days to Around the World in 80 Dives. Don’t get hung up on the 80. There is no way you can tell how many dives were involved and it was way more than 80. The completed project will include about 12 destinations on DVDs, starting in California traveling east and ending in Hawaii. Each destination is a short separate movie and a “chapter” in this story. The first six chapters are complete and cover California, Florida and four destinations in the Caribbean. I am now working on the Red Sea and the Indo-Pacific.

The presentation at NCUPS will include Chapter 3: Bahamas and possibly one other.


Sunday November 15th: Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber Tour

Meet in the parking lot at 9:45am for the 10 am tour or at 1:45pm for the 2pm tour. We are sharing these tours with the  Aqua Tutus Diving Club. Limited to 15 people per tour. Details and RSVP Here.