Meeting April 14th, 2017 7:00-9:30PM: David Borus of Ocean Geographic


Please join us at our new meeting location at Round Table Pizza in San Mateo for a presentation by David Borus of Ocean Geographic. David will introduce us to the magazine, give a short talk and show some short films. Oh, and Q&A too.

David will show a short film from 2016 Elysium – Artists for the Arctic Expedition shot in Norway, Greenland,Iceland – which includes Sylvia Earle, David Doubilet, Jen Hayes, Leandro Blanco, Ernie Brooks, Wyland, Michael Aw and the balance of 66 people total from 19 different countries. Ocean Geographic has created a book, a museum exhibit, and films of several lengths from this expedition – which will travel, and be shown all around the world Lastly – David will show a short film on either their expeditions, or about the Ocean Geographic Picture of the Year Contest



Minicomp: April’s theme is “Well that was unexpected.” Wait, did that really just happen? This month, bring a photo of something you captured that isn’t a normal behavior or usually doesn’t occur!



Note new meeting location:

We will be meeting in the private conference/party room of the Bel-Mateo Round Table Pizza