2017 Monterey Shootout website is live! Dates are August 25-27, 2017


NCUPS Meeting May 12th, 2017 7:00-9:30PM: Patrick Webster: GoPro to Semi-Pro


Patrick Webster and Connor Gallagher’s video of octopus/crab battle blew up virally on Facebook and Instagram before getting picked up by National Geographic

Patrick Webster: GoPro to Semi-Pro, or ‘How to fumble around until people get dumb enough to pay you’

Please join us at our new meeting location at Round Table Pizza in San Mateo for a presentation by Patrick Webster

2016 Monterey Shootout winner Patrick Webster will share videos and photos from his adopted home-waters of the Monterey Bay, the secrets to his success (his motto: there’s no limit to what you can accomplish when you lock yourself in a room and shun your friends) and tell of the cool places you may go with a camera in hand thanks the to real-world Pokemon GO! that is underwater photography.

Bio: I’m a marine media monkey politely pushing pixels as mild-mannered Monterey Bay Aquarium social media content creator Patrick Webster by day and bubble-blowing nitrogen therapist alter-ego @underwaterpat by quittin’ time. I graduated with a degree in marine biology from UCSC because my five year-old self thought that would be rad after seeing sea otters at the Aquarium.  I discovered diving and underwater photography while in college, and that became the next obsession.  I’m very lucky to be physically and economically able to go diving with a camera, so I hope that sharing what I’ve found underwater can help people get connected with the inner space of planet Ocean.


Minicomp: What a Wreck!
Wrecks can make great staging areas for photo ops. Let’s see the best photos you took on a wreck dive.


Note new meeting location:

We will be meeting in the private conference/party room of the Bel-Mateo Round Table Pizza