Friday, May 8th, 8pm: Palau Trippers

Premeeting 7:15pm: Video Editing by Ken Hares
Ken will start the presentation by showing a 2 1/2 minute movie. Then he’ll step through building that movie. He will provide a workflow that minimizes editing time.


In February 2014 a small group of adventure seeking underwater photographers went to Palau! This presentation will feature several of the Palau Trippers images from their liveaboard cruise on the Palau Siren including underwater highlights like sharks, manta rays, schooling fish, ripping currents, caves, and a visit to Jellyfish Lake! Enjoy the images showing the above water history, and flora and fauna (a cat and a bat) of Palau. Hear about crazy flights, the hotel with unfinished upper floors, dining highlights (and low-lights), and the local prison (where they make beautiful carved story boards). One member of the Palau Trippers even had an unforgettable overnight visit to the local hospital! After ten wonderful days at sea, the trippers made their way home and have invited you to share the trip with them this Friday, May 8, 2015 at the NCUPS meeting!
Photographers include Mark Krag, Robert Yee, Albertine Van Der Heiden, Patty Harris, Pat Delaplane, Rich Stilleke and Kathy Mendes.

Minicomp: Kelp critters
Critters that live in the kelp


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