2015 Monterey Shootout winners posted here!


Friday, September  11th, 8pm: Jim Decker from Backscatter – Lembeh in 4K

Until recently 4K video was only available on pro-level RED cameras and displayable only on expensive high-end TV and projection systems. Today, 4K is becoming standard on prosumer level cameras, even the GoPro, and Ultra-High-Definition TVs have dropped below $1K.  Come join Jim Decker, CEO of Backscatter Underwater Video and Photo for a presentation on shooting 4K resolution video. Fresh off the heels of a trip to Lembeh, Jim will have fresh footage shot last week with the new highly acclaimed Sony A7R Mark II and also the compact Panasonic LX100.  Video and photos shot with both cameras will be presented. Jim will cover the pros, cons and techniques of shooting in what is rapidly becoming the new standard video resolution in documentary and natural history film making.



September Minicomp:Hermit Crabs
Those guys are everywhere