Octobe1 13 2019
Robin Dodd from Backscatter

Robin Dodd, Backscatter's Media Producer will be here!

Robin says: As the Media Producer for Backscatter Underwater Photo & Video I have had the privilege of being able to shoot some of the latest and greatest camera gear on dives in both Monterey and around the Caribbean. My job is to test out new systems and equipment and produce detailed test results and comprehensive reviews of equipment specifically tailored for underwater imagemakers. I’ll be sharing my personal favorite videos and photos from my most recent trips and breaking down how the shots were conceptualized, executed, and edited. I’d also like to break down some of my editing techniques, tips, and tricks for quick and compelling video production.

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The Northern California Underwater Photographic Society (NCUPS) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that promotes interest in underwater photography. The club has been active since 1957, sponsoring educational events on both underwater photography and video while promoting awareness of the underwater environment and pertinent ecological issues. NCUPS serves the greater San Francisco Bay area, including Silicon Valley. FEIN 94-3278015